Training for NeoTantric Therapists
Deva Nishok Method

Recognizing Yourself deeper...

Immersive Format in 9 days
Certificate recognized by MEC

Introduction: Deva Nishok has dedicated himself since 1996 to teaching his Method to people who wish to be therapists or to those who wish to experience a profound revolution in the sacredness of basic sexual energy, which is the emphasis offered by his Method.

He is the forerunner of new revised and updated approaches, linked to a new vision of the Tantra created by him: the "Systemic Vision of the Path of Love".

The Tantric Therapy market has never been more in demand than it is today, where people try to develop their sensitivity or solve difficulties related to sexuality.

The tantric experiences you will learn open the understanding to new sensory aspects present in the body, underdeveloped by conventional education.

There is a whole range of sensory possibilities in your body waiting for the opportunity to improve, and the job of a Tantric Therapist is to assist this sensitive awakening.

The Deva Nishok Method is also a highly resolving process for problems such as: emotional and psychological trauma caused by sexual abuse, behavioral disorders that produce insecurity, excessive shyness, social fears and phobias, lack of orgasms, pain during sex, premature ejaculation, impotence and other difficulties.

Tantra is the most profound knowledge of sexual energy, vital energy. Its correct use is responsible for beauty, youth and attraction between the sexes.

Only Tantra, over the millennia, has dared to teach this with simplicity and purity.

The formative dynamics

In EXTENSIVE mode there are 5 modules lasting 1 weekend each in Comunna Metamorfose, in INTENSIVE mode there are 10 days of immersion in Comunna. Participants can also access ONLINE more than 30 video classes with resources and visual references that are easy to access and understand.

Digital Certificate

Upon completion of participation in all classes, you will receive a prestigious Training Certificate in Tantric Therapy - Deva Nishok Method.

Professional performance

You will be able to act as a NeoTântric therapist, counting on a support network where it is possible to obtain excellent financial gains and personal and professional satisfaction, working in any city in Brazil and the world.

Who leads you on this journey?

Deva Nishok, Surya Sangeeta and Comunna staff therapists


For over 36 years, he has worked with energetic processes of harmonization and healing. He is a Coach specializing in relationships and human sexuality, trained by the Brazilian Coaching Society. He is a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and teaches courses in Tantra, Tantric Massage, Body Integration, Vertebral Therapy, Chakra Harmonization and Meditation Groups.

He created his own sensorial and energetic massage methodology, called "Sensitive", "Total Ecstasy", "Lingam Massage", "Yoni Massage", "G-Spot Massage" and "P-Spot Massage", which are specific to Metamorfose and recognized worldwide. He was editor and producer of the Jornal Metamorfose - Caminhos para a transformação. Writer.


Specialist in people and business management, he worked in the corporate area in the South of Brazil with great success, until in 2020 he decided to follow his passion for holistic therapies and dedicated himself fully to it.

NeoTantric Therapist (Deva Nishok Method), Sexologist, Guardian of Cocoa and Shamanic Magician by ancestry, I help people get to know their sexuality and spirituality in a healthy and conscious way, through the wisdom of my ancestors, combined with the DN Methodology, reconnecting you with the nature and its divine essence.

Question and answer

I don't know anything about Tantra. It's for me?

Yes. Our course has a simple, human language, with exercises and practices that are easy to assimilate and results proven by thousands of people around the world, regardless of sexual orientation, age and gender (only mandatory to be over 18 years old for the in-person course ).

The credibility and recognition of our work is attested by the media and thousands of people who have already been able to enjoy the results around the world. In Brazil, all capitals have therapists working in the Method, trained at Comunna by Deva Nishok and, outside of Brazil, Deva Nishok has already presented her work in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​New York, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and Santiago (Chile).

Location: Commune

Training is carried out at Comunna Metamorfose. Here you will be able to practice all the rich content of this course with people from all over the world in a safe environment, under the excellent guidance of Comunna's resident therapists, in addition to discovering a paradise on Earth in Serra da Mantiqueira, and tasting heavenly food made by the our chefs. You are very welcome!

Communion Metamorphosis

“When I arrived at Comunna I felt like I was in the clouds, in every way. The cinematic view, the warm and human welcome, the wonderful food ... Everything here brought a new meaning to my life. I will be forever grateful for so many new references! ”

- Renata Martins (psychotherapist, 54 years old)

Transformer. Nothing more to say. And being transformative is everything.

Maria Cláudia Cabral

Hi, recently completed a training course in Tantric Therapeutics with Hyanna, I can say that it was a very positive experience, both for the personal and the professional side .... I have already done some massages with her, and always attended to me in a professional way , always answering all my doubts .... I like the simple way she has in not being carried away by the ego and glamor, as it is a very powerful tool, it is important to always stay on the same level .... Tantra it has become so popular and abused by some people and it certainly stands firm on purpose.


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