Renaissance Therapy is a job of cleaning, organizing and rebalancing the bioelectric information that permeates our autonomic nervous system which, when maladjusted or dysfunctional, create harmful neuromuscular armor throughout this system, creating an extremely reactive emotional anatomy, which covers the essence of the individual, and may bring a sense of fragmentation.

It was systematized by a man named Leonard Orr who, together with Stanislav Grof, Timothy Leary and other scientists of the time (70s in the USA), had been doing therapeutic research on the states of human consciousness. While some directed their research to psychoactive or entheogenous, others were inspired by cultures from the east that talked a lot about meditation and, mainly, the power of breathing.

His research began with meditation experiences with part of his body immersed in warm water, with no specific breathing pattern. He discovered the power of circular breathing when he changed his meditative experiences, placing himself submerged in warm water, breathing through a snorkel, with his nose stuck.

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Nanda Prem
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    How does Renaissance Therapy work?

    From its first discoveries until today, the therapy of the Renaissance has gone through several interpretations of different schools; while some work only individually, others serve groups. There are still those who only work with the patient in the water, others only on mattresses on firm ground. The songs, as well as the accessory elements to the session, as well as the suggestions used can also differentiate one school from another.

    The main tool of the Renaissance session is Circular Breathing. Along with it we find other elements that form the pillars of the Renaissance. Whichever line your therapist works on, these 5 principles must always be present:

    1- The Circular Breath of the Renaissance

    To immerse ourselves in the therapeutic process of the Renaissance we need to consciously maintain our breathing in a circular pattern to activate the body. Elements such as strength, rhythm and depth of breathing are responsible for activating the person's body in more or less time, with more or less intensity. A breath is circular when there is no pause between inhalation and exhalation. The body keeps on breathing in and out, contracting and expanding.

    In addition to being circular, the breath of rebirth has other characteristics that bring unique qualities to the technique. The exhalation must be relaxed, free, with a movement of one who releases a weight when he releases the air. It must not be blown or expelled, nor arrested or repressed. Breathe in hard and relax when you leave the air. And the circuit must always be maintained by the same airway: inhaled through the nose, exhaled through the nose. Inhaled through the mouth, exhaled through the mouth. We will talk about different types of Circular Breaths later.

    2 - Deep Relaxation

    Repressions and neuromuscular armor cause too much tension. All the distraction that the body needs to create to sustain a neurosis causes wear and tear due to excessive restlessness and movement. All of this is activated sympathetic nervous system.

    Deep relaxation allows us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, digestion, rest, metabolism and maintenance. Relaxation is essential so that we can reach deeper layers of the emotional anatomy.

    3 - Consciousness in the Details

    Circular breathing will make the body more sensitive, with more energy, more vitality. In this state of activation, the perception is altered and the body speaks louder, which does not mean that it speaks more clearly.

    It is common for the body to be flooded with more or less familiar sensations during a rebirth session: tingling in the limbs and extremities, presence of energy on the lips, face, feeling of stretching of some muscle fibers in the arms and legs, heat, cold , sweating, vibrations, spasms, punctual sensations in specific parts of the body (a twinge, a burning, an anesthetic), in short, the body will certainly be perceived in different ways when activated by breathing during the session.

    The patient must always be guided to maintain his presence in the sensations of the body. Whatever the sensation that draws attention at the moment, the best thing we do is to bring our presence to that part of the body. Naturally the sensation is transformed and another part of the body attracts the attention of the conscience. And so the emotions go, like layers, being released due to the energetic process of the session.

    This may or may not bring content, memories or experiences to the patient's consciousness. The encoding of contents (seeing things, receiving messages, talking to masters, etc.) should not be understood as an advance or a hindrance in any way. Each person, within each history, each body paradigm and within their own proprioception will develop a body-consciousness relationship: some are kinesthetic, others are visual, others are auditory, each with its own peculiarity. What makes Renaissance therapy happen is not content analysis - it is breathing and the bioenergy it produces.

    4 - Integration in Pleasure

    Everything that is experienced in a Renaissance session is directly linked to the pleasure that the body feels at being alive. The inherent pleasure of life, which permeates our system of self-preservation, which directs our sexuality, which pulsates in our affective, loving relationships and in the expression of our creative and creative impulse.

    The experiences lived in the Renaissance session can be seen by the conscience as manifestations of ecstasy and profound pleasure. Even the experiences of tension, which put us face to face with deep traumas and huge fears, when the patient does not get lost in the drama and understands that, even immersed in a great emotional confusion in his experience, he is treating his issue in a safe environment and therapeutic, that energy can be directed towards courage and satisfaction.

    5 - It always works!

    There is no need to talk about perfection, goals and objectives in a Renaissance session. The fifth principle comes to remember that the first 4 are ideals, models, and are not always perfectly represented in experience, in reality. Regardless, the Renaissance session is effective and can be quite revealing.

    Slow, deep conscious breathing has been shown to be therapeutic in a series of studies on the power of meditation on our state of mind. Even if breathing does not activate the patient's body, some space is freed up so that in the next session the work has more fluidity and energy volume. Nothing is lost.

    Feeling nothing is extremely significant. Not being able to breathe within the pattern that the session calls for as well. Often the person needs more confidence, he needs to disarm himself more to allow himself to immerse himself in the experience. It is up to the therapist to facilitate the patient's experience by identifying the codes and blocks that prevent him from breathing enough.

    That's why we say that the session always works. Being able to breathe or not, activating the body or not, the person who is willing to look inside during the session ends up being surprised. It is interesting for those who have difficulty breathing, to advise them to observe their thoughts during the session for a few moments.

    The healing process

    The healing process takes place at the energetic level and, from there, to the physical body. The vibration of the body and the volume of bioenergy work together to undo the blockages of the neuromuscular breastplates, resuming the flow and energy level, as well as the sensitivity throughout the body. This process of loosening and dissolving the breastplates, little by little, allows the behavior to gain elasticity.

    During this process it is common for past experiences, memories, traumas, the origin of compulsions and neuroses to come to consciousness. The person remembers things and has a kind of "eureka moment", a feeling that "the plug has fallen" and thoughts have been organized in a way that "makes sense". This experience above is also just one of the symptoms of the session and does not need to be seen as a stage in development. There are people who go through long and effective treatments with Renaissance, who eliminate symptoms of depression and anxiety from behavior, who come out of inertia, recover the taste for life and, although the whole attitude has changed, the sessions did not bring any content to the consciousness; no memories, nothing buried in the subconscious. Only physical sensations and emotional manifestations.

    The communication of the body with consciousness depends on a series of factors, such as the body awareness that the patient has, the level of ease and relaxation capable of acquiring during breathing, the breastplates being worked on, the level of anesthesia of the body of the patient. patient, his therapeutic history, in short, the fact is that the technique sensitizes the body and each one will perceive this in a very exclusive way.

    Healing comes through breathing. All the therapist needs to be sure of is that the patient has breathed. And the patient just needs to breathe, without needing any type of dissection or analysis of the experience he is going through. Just feeling the experience, in its fullness, breathing enough to activate the body is a sign that there was a concentration of energy to deal with deep chronic tensions and dense structures of the emotional anatomy.

    What we help and deal with the Renaissance

    - Mild and moderate depression, as well as other non-psychotic mental disorders, such as panic syndrome;
    - Issues connected with self-love; people who experience long periods of low self-esteem;
    - Victims of physical, moral or sexual abuse who find it difficult to relate after the trauma;
    - Patients facing drug addiction issues;
    - People looking for a path of self-knowledge; a new way of looking at yourself and perceiving pre-established behavior patterns;
    - Men and women who suffer from daily anxiety attacks without understanding the triggers that put them in a certain condition.

    Benefits of Renaissance Therapy

    Testimonials about
    Renaissance Therapy
    by the Metamorfose Network

    A year ago I was emotionally fragile facing a marital crisis and with low self-esteem. In the desire to improve the relationship, I looked for a light. I found the metamorphosis website and started looking for a therapist in my region. With a Christian background I was very afraid of the new of this whole universe that was unknown to me. The moment I became aware of Nelson's biography among the therapists I was sure that I had found what I needed. It took courage to face fear and take the first step on this path of light and self-knowledge. When I arrived at his studio, anxiety was knocking on my door and I found an incredible human being who could calm my heart with his peace and transmit total confidence in his work and in the respectful way he treated me. Since then, with integrative therapies, I started to understand myself better, to respect myself and have self-love, valuing who I really am and knowing my potential. I felt happiness well up inside my being because I managed to make peace with the inner child and the woman who was hurt. Today I thank the universe for having given me the opportunity to get to this site and especially to have gone through this process with the help of this excellent professional and great human being, the Sabbat Sadik. I am grateful for the pain that I managed to move me in search of the path of transformation and discover that everything i was looking for outside i found inside me. I leave my report here with the sincere desire that it may be useful to those who are in this search and that other lives may be transformed.

    Maria L. dos Santos

    Sadyk Sabbat (Nelson) com Nelson on 22/04

    I lost a baby 2 years ago and was in a very difficult period, in depression and unable to find a way back to the joy of living. That was when I was told about the work of Ananda (Psalm Ananda PREM) for the practice of Uterine Renaissance. After this practice I had a significant improvement and I felt that I continued to take care of my libido and energy to live with Ananda. I joined a Tantric Massage Therapy that reinterpreted the loss I suffered during pregnancy, and I returned to feel pleasure in my body, feeling alive again and able to find someone to love, because I returned to love myself. The sessions with Ananda were never the same. He had a session with various types of relaxing massages along with the tantric massage. Had yoga practices with meditation. There were studies of analysis of the shape of my body related to my way of thinking. I learned a lot in this phase of rebuilding myself when Ananda took care of me. I even decided to take a Tantric Massage course with her to do with my new boyfriend. It heated up my new relationship and brought us together even more. Ananda cared about me in the post-session, guiding me in resuming my life at a time when I could no longer think or recognize myself. She helped me get up. I am immensely grateful to Ananda for leading me on this rescue. Ananda's work is unique. In addition to being an enlightened person, she is a very dedicated, concerned and present professional. Really a gift that came into my life encouraging me to transform myself for the better. Gratitude forever, dear Ananda

    Beatriz O. Almeida

    Psalm ANANDA Prem com Ananda on 22/04

    If I could explain in words exactly what is inexplicable, I could say that there is a Self before Tantric Therapy with Saba Sadik and the Self after therapy. In addition to being a serious, respectful and kind professional. Rebirth was very important so that I could understand and resignify my Self and Tantric Therapy, in addition to raising my self-esteem, discovering true multi-orgasm, providing my self-knowledge, brought many spiritual and transcendental experiences. I fell in love with this therapy so assertive and quick results! I am very grateful to Saba Sadik for introducing me to this wonderful world. Eternal gratitude.


    Sadyk Sabbat (Nelson) com Nelson on 21/04

    I noticed a deep breath, awakening energies, which were felt by tingles throughout the body and the breath was very deep and natural, deeper than I have been working in yoga for 11 years and 32 years in psychotherapeutic work, as a psychotherapist and in my own therapy. I felt unblockings and feelings of liberation, I see the image of my mother and a deep gratitude for life. The Renaissance Breathing work coordinated by Ananda was wonderful and surprising. The coordination was careful, present and brought us to full attention. Deep gratitude for having experienced this work !!


    Veronica Ananda com Ananda on 05/11

    Gratitude for the wonderful experience I had in the rebirth session of the chakras. It was a really intense experience, where with my guidance, I was able to be present and give myself completely. Feeling the energy produced by my body circulating, stop judging the sensations. I felt, relaxing my mind and accepting what my body wanted were unforgettable experiences that changed something inside me and opened a path for transformation. Her presence as a facilitator of this process was extremely important for me to feel the willingness to try everything that this therapy session can provide me.

    Fernanda Figueiredo

    Luciana Garima com Garima on 27/09

    I have always been resistant to surrender and fully immerse myself in the therapies I have already participated in, but in Renaissance Therapy I was able to access points that I had never accessed before. I attribute this immersion to the confidence that the therapist gave me, creating an environment of complicity and harmony, where I felt that I could give free space to my emotions, without filtering them, with all the support I would receive from her. It was a completely unique, incredible and extremely necessary experience. The sensation that remains is exactly that of a rebirth. I feel renewed, with a lighter heart, more energized, with clearer emotions and with a strong awareness of my essence. Therapy gave me a recognition of myself, a feeling of closeness with my most intimate and purest self, a more serene and profound look at things, allowing me to feel each emotion genuinely. I greatly appreciate the therapist's assistance, which was essential for all this to take shape, guiding me with all the care during the process and welcoming me in the same way to end of it.

    Mariana Ferreira

    Luciana Garima com Garima on 27/09

    It was a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to immerse myself. There were two days of experience under the guidance of Apoorva and Ramana who showed great experience. I was able to feel situations in my body that I had never felt before. I felt very strongly the energy of life flowing through my body and for the next few weeks I continued to experience more willpower, reduced anxiety and vigor. I can still see many reverberations from this experience and I strongly advise it as a tool for self-knowledge.

    Fabio Araujo

    Prem Apoorva (Apoorva) Lorena com Apoorva e Ramana on 03/09

    The energy that people like you transmit to the world causes the universe to send us back wonderful days like yesterday. It was wonderful ... I can't even describe my connection with the universe, with other people who are no longer here, the moment I opened my eyes and was facing a view that needs no comment and I saw several butterflies around me!

    N.C. - 23 anos

    Lukas Sato com Lukas Sato na Comunna on 05/08

    Excellent therapist, dedicated, knowledgeable of the technique and relationship between people. There is no personal, bodily knowledge, acceptance and interaction with yourself in any other way. Besides the immense satisfaction and fulfillment together with the encounter of life with nature, planet and universe and spirituality.


    Jessica Bhavya com Jéssica on 16/06

    Wonderful! I had an experience that I never imagined possible. It did me a lot of good. I am very satisfied and will continue the therapeutic process with Fabiana. I felt safe and confident in conducting my awakening to this new life in love.


    Fabiana Midhori (Prem Subhitaa) com Fabiana on 08/06

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