Depoimento de D. sobre a atividade Massagem Tântrica

The session was very good and it was in Dublin, Ireland, I took the session with Ananda. She's very relaxed and it started with conversation, I was a little shy in the beginning, but Ananda made me very comfortable and I could explain why I wanted to try out the session and she was very patient and heard me out, then the massage started along with deep breathing techniques, it was really an amazing experience for me. After the session, I felt relaxed, confident and comfortable. I wanted to try one more session while she was in Dublin, Ireland, but it was too late for me. I would definitely try another session with her when she's back in Dublin.


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Psalm ANANDA Prem

Tantra trabalha nossa energia vital. Essa energia é a mesma pela qual emanamos de nossos corações o que sentimos e vibramos. É nossa própria energia sexual através da qual co-criamos com o universo e geramos vida. Essa energia também é a mesma com a qual [...] Veja o perfil completo