Depoimento de Ramzy sobre a atividade Massagem Tântrica

I met Ananda through a coincidence, a lovely one i have to say, i didn't know much about Tantra or Tantaric Massage, and asked her to show me, as always experiencing things is much more explaining than words and/or books, i had a wonderful time of more than 2 hours, in which i have felt a new level of relaxation, Ananda, made me feel like i have been loved, it was something like i have never experienced before, both basic, divine and respectful, though till now i'm out of words to express the amount of positive energy i got charged with during this experience, and the amount of relaxation, but i will try to do my best in the description, i felt like someone who loves me as much as my mum is giving me the massage, and a lover that has captured my heart is asking me to synchronize my breath wit hers, and in the middle, i'm with a friend that is giving me relaxation through expert and touches to my muscles, and guidance on how to relax and enjoy, and as i told her in the middle, i felt at some point that our bodies are in rhythm, as if they became one, she is giving me the massage, but in reality i felt parts of my body is just moving, not another body on top of mine, i could continue writing for a while , because the sensation and the feeling and the energy is indescribable with words, but Ananda ... Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful world !


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Psalm ANANDA Prem

Tantra trabalha nossa energia vital. Essa energia é a mesma pela qual emanamos de nossos corações o que sentimos e vibramos. É nossa própria energia sexual através da qual co-criamos com o universo e geramos vida. Essa energia também é a mesma com a qual [...] Veja o perfil completo